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Watson Tunez

Get in Tune With Your Healing Power 


A philanthropist, who happens to be a hip-hop recording artist, Watson Tunez’s artistry is influenced by his early experiences in Haiti. As an abandoned orphan, he was rescued by a missionary and later adopted by an American family. Hip-Hop was his entry point into the English language and American culture. It continues to be a way for him to express himself and his love for others.


Fans describe his music as a mix of R&B, modern day Pop, and Hip-Hop that’s upbeat, catchy, chilled, and soothing. His lyrics are easily accessible, uplifting, and encouraging. His songs take listeners on a journey to help them heal from mental and emotional challenges and reduce stress. Watson is passionate about empowerment, love, music, and people. His music will inspire you to reach beyond yourself and get in tune with your healing power.

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