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Beyond Me Ent.

Empowering Humanity Through Music



Beyond Me Entertainment is a lifestyle and entertainment company that specializes in music, media, and merchandising. It started as a passion project for Watson and a group of like-minded college students at Anderson University who shared his vision. What began as a small idea quickly evolved into a thriving record label, non-profit organization (Beyond Me Initiative), and a growing community known as The Tunez Squad. The goal of the company is to inspire people to rise above themselves and promote healing in the world.

In 2013, Watson spearheaded the formation of a music group called Beyond Me Muzik. Their first release, a benefit EP titled "Beyond Me: Haiti," aimed to raise funds and awareness for struggling communities in Haiti. The project proved to be a success, raising over $25,000 by May 2014, with all funds donated to humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

By infusing its music with charitable causes, Beyond Me Entertainment fulfills its mission of empowering humanity through music. The company sets a high standard and demonstrates that music can serve as a catalyst for healing, inspiration, and empowerment for those who need it most. The label is responsible for managing Watson Tunez and collaborating with a group of affiliated artists to continue impacting lives through their music and charitable initiatives.

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Beyond Me Muzik

Founded by aspiring rapper and singer, Watson Tunez, Beyond Me Muzik is a group that specializes in its own unique blend of pop-rap, which it calls "humanitarian pop-rap". Along with his label, Beyond Me Entertainment, Watson created the music group in 2013 with a group of artists from Anderson University. As members moved on to other endeavors, Watson continued to recruit artists from around the world to collaborate with him. Beyond Me Muzik's songs combine hip-hop, R&B, and pop to create catchy, radio-friendly songs with a message of social change and inspiration. The group donates a portion of its profits to charities that align with the humanitarian themes of its songs, making it a perfect example of "Humanitarian pop-rap". By merging music with charitable initiatives, Beyond Me Muzik aims to inspire listeners to care for the welfare of humanity and carry out humanitarian efforts.

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