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We strive to provide Haitian refugees with access to healing, advocacy, and empowerment as they seek a more dignified life in America.


Greetings and welcome to the Beyond Me Initiative! Our organization serves as the non-profit sector of Beyond Me Entertainment and is committed to aiding Haitian refugees who have been forced to leave their home country as a result of the ongoing violence, political unrest, poverty, and humanitarian crisis plaguing their nation. Watson Tunez, a talented hip-hop recording artist with a strong desire to make a positive impact in the world, founded our group in 2015. Our mission is to foster personal and communal empowerment, enabling individuals and communities to realize their full potential and build a brighter future through various initiatives.


The problem:

Haiti's current state is that of a failed nation, marked by the assassination of its president, rampant violence, corruption, and extreme poverty. As a result, many Haitians are desperate to leave and seek better opportunities elsewhere. However, a significant number of them lack the necessary knowledge, resources, and tools to transition out of Haiti and build a successful life in the United States. To address this pressing issue, we collaborate with various organizations, including churches, social activist groups, schools, and corporations, to ensure that these refugees receive the assistance they need to live a more dignified life once they arrive in the United States.

What exactly do we do?

Beyond Me Initiative serves as a central hub for Haitian immigrants who have fled their country and are seeking asylum in the United States. Our organization partners with various groups, including churches, businesses, and social activists, to provide these refugees with the necessary resources and tools to rebuild their lives and thrive in their new homes. In addition, we actively promote peace and justice in Haiti to facilitate a safe return for these refugees and encourage them to contribute to the reconstruction of their communities.

How we work

Beyond Me Initiative is a grassroots community-based organization that aims to help Haitian immigrants who have been uprooted from their homeland and come to the United States seeking asylum. The organization currently consists of a small team of individuals who have a good understanding of the resources available in the Indianapolis area and can use their connections to help Haitian refugees access them.


To achieve this goal, the BMI team is responsible for doing all the necessary groundwork, including identifying and building relationships with local organizations, churches, businesses, social activity groups, and media outlets that can provide support and resources to the Haitian refugees. The team’s objective is to then create a comprehensive virtual database of these partners, including information on what they do and the resources they offer, to make it easier for refugees to access these resources when they arrive in the United States.


By doing this, Beyond Me Initiative aims to provide a comprehensive support system that helps Haitian immigrants successfully transition to a new life in the United States and live with dignity.

You won't be the same after hearing this story...

You won't be the same after hearing this story...


In 2010, after a catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti, Watson Tunez, a budding hip-hop artist and singer, made it his mission to help rebuild his homeland. The disaster had claimed the lives of more than 360,000 people and left over a million people homeless. Using his music, Watson raised funds and awareness to rebuild communities. He established a record label, non-profit organization, and entertainment company, with the goal of inspiring people to support charitable causes in Haiti.


Although he had initially focused on charity work, Watson realized that it was not a sustainable solution. Therefore, his non-profit sector, Beyond Me Initiative, shifted its focus to job creation, with the aim of fostering entrepreneurial solutions to combat poverty in Haiti. Unfortunately, in July 2021, the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse threw the nation into political turmoil. Gangs, some of which were backed by corrupt politicians seeking power, took advantage of the situation, attempting to seize control of the capital and terrorize citizens. Haitians now live in fear for their lives, in addition to the dire economic poverty they already faced.


Beyond Me Initiative has shifted its focus again, this time working mostly in the United States to unite churches, schools, businesses, leaders, and politicians to form a coalition that could bring resources for Haitian refugees being forced to flee their country. The goal is to help as many refugees as possible leave Haiti safely and peacefully and to help them rebuild their lives in America successfully. We hope that one day, these refugees will be able to return to their homeland and contribute to its reconstruction.


Haiti is experiencing extreme levels of gang violence, with more than 530 deaths this year alone. The violence is concentrated in the country's capital, Port-au-Prince, and surrounding areas, caused by political and economic factors including agriculture's decimation and subsequent urban migration, small arms proliferation, and a political class that weaponizes the country's struggles to cling to power. Haiti has faced numerous crises, including earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, cholera outbreaks, and corrupt, dictatorial, and incompetent leaders. Many of these crises stem from international interference in Haiti's affairs, dating back to its independence in 1804, including the United States repeatedly trying to sway or command Haitian politics to its own liking. Although the US is pressuring Canada to lead an international military coalition to try to control the violence, continued interference is unlikely to produce a stable, flourishing democracy. The current gangs are primarily affiliated with two groups, G-Pep and G9, which fight for control of Port-au-Prince. An estimated 60 percent of the capital is under the control of these groups, which terrorize civilians not only with threats of murder, but also abduction for ransom, extortion, and sexual violence, often at random. The international community has proven unwilling or unable to help Haitians find peace and safety, while Haitians are afraid to leave their homes to access food and water.