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We aspire to aid Haitian refugees in the US, promoting their rights and success. We also strive to empower them to contribute to their homeland's reconstruction.


We envision a new movement where Haitians migrate to America, reside here for a few years, acquire valuable knowledge, and then return to our homeland to utilize the lessons learned in America for the purpose of revitalizing our communities and improving our lives.

Presently, Haiti, the Caribbean Island, is often regarded merely as a dwelling place rather than a fully functioning nation, as it struggles with a lack of effective governance. The prevailing sentiment in Haiti is "Pa gen leta" or "There is no state." However, we firmly believe that it is not yet time to abandon Haiti. We aim to ignite a fresh revolution that will demonstrate the potential for progress. In light of the escalating crises following the assassination of Moïse, many Haitians recognize the need for a revolution, primarily one driven by a shift in mindset.


If the Beyond Me Initiative successfully assists Haitians in coming to America, residing here for a few years, acquiring knowledge, and becoming empowered to return to our homeland, these individuals can contribute to its reconstruction and help reverse the longstanding tide of disaster faced by Haitians. Our vision for this revolution entails a departure from violence and corruption, focusing instead on rebuilding communities and transforming lives for the better.


The 4 Phases

The overall vision of the Beyond Me Initiative is divided into four phases that outline the plan for creating sustainable change in Haiti.


The first phase is to help Haitians safely leave their country by providing assistance with legal paperwork such as obtaining visas and passports. The initiative also helps with finding sponsors who can host them while they stay in America, covering airfare expenses, and providing other necessary tools for their transition to America.


The second phase, T.I.A or Transitioning into America involves referring Haitians to the initiative's database of partners who are ready to help them with legal services, shelter, and learning about American culture.


The third phase, Peace & Justice, focuses on advocating for peace and justice in Haiti by writing letters to senators and meeting with social activist groups to bring awareness to the dire situation happening in Haiti. The goal is to encourage policy changes and interventions to stop the political turmoil and violence happening in Haiti, especially the violence that is affecting women and children.


The fourth phase, Return & Rebuild, involves helping Haitian immigrants return to Haiti once peace and justice are established in the country. The initiative aims to help rebuild the country by assisting Haitians in creating devastating communities.


Overall, the Beyond Me Initiative is working towards creating sustainable change in Haiti by providing support to Haitians who are in need of assistance and advocating for policy changes that will positively impact the country.

You won't be the same after hearing this story...

You won't be the same after hearing this story...

Our Programs

Our organization offers several programs to help Haitian immigrants in the United States. The Referral Program is where we connect Haitians with various organizations, churches, and other resources that specialize in the specific area of need. For instance, we provide translators, lawyers to navigate through the court system, fill out asylum paperwork, business professionals, and churches that Haitians may need access to. We also have the Host Family Program that connects Haitian refugees with sponsors or people who can host them while they are staying in the US. We provide training to these families to help them care for the immigrants' needs, including helping them obtain licenses, taking them to appointments or school, helping them learn English and American culture, and so on.


Our Orientation Program is an online or in-person program that provides guidance to Haitian immigrants from A-Z on how to build a successful life for themselves while they are living here. We help them with their legal paperwork, provide access to resources like food stamps, medical care, and cash assistance, and refer them to different apartments and partners who can help. We also offer a Job training program to prepare them to enter the workforce legally. Through this program, they can learn to start their own business or find freelance work to earn some cash in a dignified way while waiting for their legal ability to formally work.

In summary, our organization aims to provide a range of programs that assist Haitian immigrants in getting the help they need to succeed in the US. From connecting them with necessary resources to teaching them valuable skills, our goal is to help them feel supported, integrated, and successful in their new home.

Catching up with where we’re at today…

Watson George, also known as Watson Tunez, is a Haitian-born hip-hop artist who was adopted by an American family in August 2000. In 2015, he founded Beyond Me Initiative, which aims to bring sustainable change to Haiti and look after the welfare of the Haitian people. Haiti has been plagued by injustice, poverty, lack of opportunity, and violence for many years, forcing many Haitians to flee the country in search of a better life. In 2021, the assassination of Haiti's president worsened the situation, leading to chaos, violent gang activities, killings, kidnappings, and terrorizing citizens.


As an immigrant who still has biological family members in Haiti, Watson has been doing what he can to help his family and friends. However, the humanitarian crisis in the country has forced him to take more action. Fortunately, on January 6, 2023, the Biden administration made a special condition that allowed Haitians to be paroled into the US for a couple of years. Through this program, Watson and his immediate family in the US have been able to host and care for dozens of Haitians who are fleeing the violence in their country.


This led to the rebirth, rebranding, and relaunch of Beyond Me Initiative, which originally focused on bringing economic opportunities to Haitian entrepreneurs and assisting with job creation. However, due to the ongoing crisis, the organization has shifted its focus to helping Haitians temporarily migrate to America for a better life. The goal is to work with these Haitian people to help them create a dignified life in America, with the intention of having them return to their native country one day and help rebuild it, once peace and justice can be restored in Haiti.


Watson is assisted in this endeavor by his wife, Madisyn George, who is also an adoptee from Haiti. They met in college and were married in 2016. They currently reside in Indianapolis and are heavily involved in helping the Haitian community and advocating for change in their homeland.