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Dramatic Sunset

Ultimate Impact Trip Experience

Hire Watson to take you on a trip to Haiti

This is Haiti...Like You've never seen!

You’ve heard his music….

You’ve listened to his lyrics

You know his heart


now come see

The place that inspired him

To live beyond himself


Experience the food

Experience the music

Experience the culture


Come on a 10-day Journey

across the Caribbean Island of Haiti


With Watson Tunez

How It Works

Tranquil beaches, tumbling waterfalls, and pine-tree-capped mountains; the raw beauty of Haiti's landscapes is certainly more than what most travelers expect when visiting Haiti.


Despite Haiti’s well-documented struggles, exacerbated lately by natural disasters and political turmoil, the pride and resilience of the Haitian People are evident throughout the country. It only takes one visit to witness the overwhelming kindness of its people and the breathtaking beauty of its natural landscape. A foreign land for sure, but well worth the visit.  Come to experience Haiti with Watson and travel as if you are one of the locals and not just a tourist.


The trip includes:

* a 10-day adventure w/Watson to Haiti

* Fly out to Haiti

* Eat at the finest restaurants

* See historical sites

* We Travel & Tour Haiti together

* Meet Watson's Haitian family

* Attend a concert that Watson put on in Haiti

* Spend time with Watson and the people of his community

Add Ons:

Help children go to school at Trouforban Haiti.jpg

- Serve Children at local school 

Haitian food.jpeg

- Learn to cook local Haitian Cuisine


- See Additional Tourist destinations

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