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Discovering My Identity as a Hip-Hop Artist: A Journey of Restoration and Inspiration


Becoming a hip-hop recording artist is a path filled with challenges and uncertainty. In a music industry saturated with countless voices, finding my own identity seemed like an overwhelming task. However, it was through a profound journey of self-discovery and connecting with youth in Group Homes that I found my passion and purpose. Today, I want to share my story and the driving forces behind my music—bringing people closer to healing and restoration.

The Journey of Restoration:

For me, restoration encompasses two essential aspects—the inner self and the world around us. It begins by acknowledging and overcoming our personal hurts, pain, and disappointments. This internal healing process is complex and often requires time, self-reflection, and the support of others. It is about discovering ways to mend the broken pieces within ourselves and finding the strength to move forward.

Beyond the individual, restoration extends to the world we inhabit. When we observe the suffering and pain surrounding us, it becomes evident that our gifts and creative capacities have a role to play. I believe that acts of charity, service, and kindness can contribute to the restoration of our broken world. By utilizing our talents and resources, we can make a positive impact and bring healing to those in need.

The Healing Journey:

Healing is a transformative and therapeutic process. It involves addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds. It requires immense courage, resilience, and patience. Healing is not a linear path; it takes time, self-care, and the support of loved ones. Through my music, I aspire to create an atmosphere that encourages healing and provides solace to those who are struggling. It is my way of contributing to the well-being of others and helping them find their own path to restoration.

The Power of Inspiration:

Inspiration plays a pivotal role in our journey towards personal growth and societal change. It is when we tap into the depths of our being and embrace our calling that we become truly motivated. By allowing ourselves to be moved by our inner inspiration, we can push through obstacles and make a meaningful impact on the world around us. Through my music, I aim to inspire listeners to embrace their own unique gifts and potential, igniting a spark within them to pursue their dreams and aspirations.


My path as a hip-hop artist has been a profound exploration of restoration, healing, and inspiration. It took years of self-reflection, connecting with youth, and understanding the power of music to discover my purpose. Today, I am driven by the desire to bring people closer to their own healing and to contribute to the restoration of a broken world. I believe that through acts of charity, service, and the transformative power of music, we can create positive change and uplift others.

As you navigate your own journey, I encourage you to stay in tune with your healing power. Embrace the concept of restoration, seek personal healing, and allow yourself to be inspired. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where love, peace, and positive change prevail.

With love and peace,

Watson Tunez

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