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"Rebuilding Roots: A Musical Journey of Hope and Healing in Haiti"

For the past year, he has taken a step back from the music industry to prioritize his family and extend assistance to immigrants from his cherished homeland who are seeking asylum in the face of violence and political turmoil in Haiti. Concurrently, he made the decision to transition away from his teaching job in order to fully devote himself to his music career. In 2020, Watson established Beyond Me Entertainment, an entertainment company aimed at delivering music that resonates with the healing power within listeners. His upcoming single not only serves as a tribute to Haiti but also sheds light on the positive aspects of a country often overshadowed by ongoing political crises, poverty, natural disasters, and violence.

Apologizing for the extended absence of new music, the hip-hop artist and vocalist expresses his excitement as he announces the release of a single on Haitian Flag Day, which falls on May 18th. Titled "Beautiful Ayiti," meaning "beautiful Haiti," the single is exclusively dedicated to his eagerly awaiting fans, signaling his return to the world of music. The artist acknowledges the patience and anticipation of his audience and assures them that this song marks his reemergence into the music scene.

For those who may be unfamiliar, Haitian Flag Day is an annual holiday in Haiti commemorating the creation of the Flag of Haiti during the Haitian Revolution. Observed on May 18th, the date signifies the anniversary of the flag's adoption in 1803. This day holds significance not only in Haiti but also in various cities across the United States with substantial Haitian communities.

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