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Hire Watson to do a private show

Give your friends and family an experience
they will never forget!

Watson and Beyond Me Music Group will come to you! They'll play a private show ONLY for you, your friends, & family! This show is VERY personal and catered exactly the way you like it! Plus, we throw extra surprise bonuses such as cooking authentic Haitian cuisine for you! To see if this would be a good fit, book a meet and greet with Watson.

Beyond Me Haiti, Watson performing 'reach'.jpg

Private Show

How It Works

Watson and his team can cater this show any way you want them to. We've done private shows and then broke things down to host special workshops for youth. We can do weddings, birthdays, special dinners, and other special events as needed. First, you'll contact us and meet with Watson. Upon hearing your vision and desires for how you want the event to go, we can accommodate and make something happen. 

Add Ons:

- Add Haitian Cuisine meal/ dish

(we cook for you or you cook with us)

- Film the Private Show

- Record A Music Video

(Family & Friends Can be part of the music video) 

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