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Hire Watson to teach you how to write songs 

Create your songs from scratch

Watson and Beyond Me Music Group will help you turn your stories, ideas, or memories into a beautiful song. We can help you take a vague concept or a snippet of a song and work with you to develop it into your masterpiece! We begin with teaching you how to write the lyrics, then find the right beat, and show you how to bring it all together to create an amazing song! To begin learning songwriting and receiving private coaching from Watson, book a meet and greet with him, so we can see if it'd be a right fit.

Girl Playing Guitar

Songwriting /
Private Coaching

How It Works

Wanna write a song with Watson? Have you always wanted to learn how to write a song? He can coach and teach you. He's been doing this since 2016 with people from all walks of life. You have the option to write a professional song with him if you want to. Or you can just receive tutoring and coaching on just the songwriting segment (the recording and finding the right beat are not included here).

In our sessions:
- We meet over Zoom for 45 minutes every other week for 3 months
- You get access to my personal phone number (or Voxer)
- You get to choose the beat/ instrumental we use
- I help you write songs / give you private coaching
- Special Add on: Write a song with me and release it

Below is a short video of Watson working with his team in the studio, so you can get an idea of what the creative process for him is like. Although yours will be much different, he'll help coach you through the whole process.

Add Ons:

- Beat Selection with your song

- Record Your Song

- Professionally Mix & Master Your Song for Release

Guitarist Writing Song
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